Providing Knowledgeable Guidance Regarding Business and Employment Contracts

While awaiting an opportunity to take on a new position, it is important to understand that the employment contract you sign can impact your entire career. Consulting with an experienced lawyer concerning your contract is a vital step in coming to understand your rights and obligations pertaining to your job.

The attorneys at Culberth & Lienemann, LLP, have long provided services to employees and businesses concerning employment contracts across Minnesota. We understand the laws pertaining to business and employment contracts. As part of our services, we review and prepare legally binding contracts. When contract disputes arise, we can represent your interests in negotiation and in court.

Establishing An Employment Relationship

When beginning a new job, the employer and employee may agree to a number of contract terms. For example, employers often ask employees to sign noncompete agreements when starting a new career, or even long after their initial hire date. Employers may also offer compensation agreements and severance packages to employees who may require a waiver of certain state and federal claims. Depending on the terms, such agreements could possibly hinder your career at a later point in time, deprive you of wages and benefits, force you to use arbitration instead of the court system to resolve disputes or extinguish your legal rights altogether.

If you are a worker with concerns about how such contracts will impact you, we will work closely with you to ensure that you understand your rights. We will discuss how an employment agreement can impact your career and help you negotiate agreements in order to achieve a favorable result on your behalf.

Whether you are just beginning a new job or are leaving a position, we can represent and protect your interests. Our attorneys regularly litigate breach of contract claims and compensation disputes. This includes cases involving unpaid wages, bonuses and commissions.

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